[न्यू ट्रैफिक रूल्स] ट्रैफिक पुलिस चालान 2021|इन इंडिया|new traffic rules 2021

Dear friends, today we are going to give information about India New Traffic Rules Challan List 2021 in this article. New traffic rules and challans have been issued in India. So today in this blog we will give you detailed information about driving rules and challan list. In view of the increasing traffic, some traffic rules have been made not only in the country but all over the world. These traffic rules are generally the same everywhere. After the invention of vehicles running on petrol and diesel, when the crowd of vehicles started appearing on the roads, then the need was felt to make some such rules.

So that the increased traffic can be controlled and the dangers of accidents can also be avoided. Following the new traffic rules 2021 not only makes traffic smooth but also reduces accidents. Most of the accidents happen due to not following the traffic rules and a large number of accidents in a country like India shows people not following the traffic rules or not knowing about their traffic rules in India 2021.

Indian Traffic Rules and Fines 2021

indian traffic rules and fines 2021

The Motor Vehicle Act 2019 has come into force from today, due to which those who break traffic rules will have to face heavy fines. This act has been approved by the Parliament only last month. The Motor Vehicle Act 2019 has come into force from today, due to which those who break the traffic rules will have to face heavy fines.

According to the amendment rule, now the government has increased the amount received by the road accident victims and their families. Earlier, where the kin of the deceased in a road accident used to get 25 thousand rupees, now they will be given 2 lakh rupees as compensation. Whereas in case of serious injury, the amount to be given to the victim has been increased from 25 thousand to 50,000.

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New (Motor Vehicle Act) traffic rules

  • A fine of Rs 25,000 for driving a minor vehicle, the registration of the vehicle will be canceled and the driving license of the minor will not be made up to the age of 25 years.
  • A fine of Rs 500 to 1500 for driving a two-wheeler without a helmet, earlier it was Rs 100 to 300.
  • The fine which was earlier 100 rupees for three rides on a two-wheeler has now increased to 500 rupees.
  • In the absence of a pollution certificate, earlier 100 rupees had to be paid, now 500 rupees will have to be paid.
  • If found driving without driving license, now instead of 500, 5000 rupees will have to be paid.
  • Dangerous driving will now have to pay 5 thousand rupees instead of one thousand.
  • Talking on the phone while driving will cost you 5 thousand rupees instead of 1 thousand.
  • Now instead of 1100, 5 thousand rupees will have to be paid for driving in the wrong direction.
  • Earlier the penalty for jumping red light was only 100 rupees, now it has become 10 thousand.
  • Driving without seat belt will now attract a fine of Rs 1,000.
  • The fine for driving under the influence of alcohol has now increased to 10 thousand.
  • 10 thousand rupees fine for not giving side to emergency vehicles like ambulance and fire brigade.

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New Traffic Rules in India 2021 big changes

Drunk driving will cost you

Many people drive the car after drinking alcohol etc. Sometimes the police even catch them. If caught by the police, where they had to pay Rs 2000 as fine earlier, now they will have to pay Rs 10 thousand.

Prior to driving a vehicle by a minor, a fine was not to be paid. But now along with paying a fine, a provision of punishment has also been made. According to the new traffic rules, if a minor is caught driving a vehicle, a fine of Rs 25,000 will have to be paid.

Along with this, the punishment of 3 years, registration of the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle and the guardian of the minor will be considered guilty. Also, the minor will not get a license to drive a vehicle till the age of 25 years.

At the same time, earlier only 200 rupees had to be paid as fine for driving without wearing a helmet. But according to the new rule, now the fine amount has been increased to Rs 1000, along with the license will also be canceled for 3 months.

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Indian Traffic Rules and Fines 2021 pdf

CrimeFirst challan or fineNew Challan or fine
GeneralRs. 100Rs. 500
Violation of road regulatory rules Rs. 100 Rs. 500
disobeying authority ordersRs. 500 Rs. 2000
driving an unauthorized vehicle without a license Rs. 1000 Rs. 5000
driving without a license Rs. 500 Rs. 5000
driving despite disqualification Rs. 500 Rs. 10,000
oversize vehicleNA Rs. 5000
over speeding Rs. 400 Rs. 1000
dangerous driving Rs. 1000 Rs. 5000
drink driving Rs. 2000 Rs. 10,000
racing or speeding Rs. 500 Rs. 5000
driving without a permitup to 5 thousand rupeesup to 10 thousand rupees
Aggregators (Violation of License Condition)NA25 thousand to 1 lakh rupees
overloading2 thousand rupees and 1000 rupees per ton extra20 thousand rupees and 2 thousand rupees per ton extra
Passenger overloadingNA1 thousand rupees per passenger
Seat beltRs. 100 Rs. 1000
overloading on two-wheeler Rs. 100 2 thousand rupees and license canceled for three months
not wearing a helmet Rs. 100 1000 rupees and license canceled for three months
Not giving way to emergency vehiclesNA10 thousand rupees
driving without insurance Rs. 10,000 Rs. 2000
On commission of offense by minorNAThe Guardian/Owner will be held guilty.
Fine up to Rs 25,000 and imprisonment up to three years.
Minor can be brought under JJ Act. Vehicle registration may be cancelled.
Power of officers to attach documentsNADriving license can be canceled
on offenses committed by officersNADouble fine under any section

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